From ‘Dirty Dancing’ to ‘Don Jon’: 5 Streaming Rom-Com Movies for Your Next Girls’ Night In

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This list is for the ladies who are too tired to go out this week. (I’m currently suffering from straight-up-tired syndrome, so I feel ya, girls.) This week, we’ve rounded up 5 streaming rom-com movies that are funny, sweet and that good kind of cheesy you need to make for a great, girls’ night in.

Streaming on Netflix (free with a subscription)

1. “Don Jon”

This romantic comedy is a tad… odd. But remember: Odd can be good! The film tells the story of a young man with a porn addiction, and a young woman with a romantic comedy addiction. Needless to say, the couple has to deal with more than a few hurdles as they attempt to try to form a healthy relationship.

2. “Can’t Hardly Wait”

When I saw this film was available, I squealed so loud it woke my sleeping beagle. Now, this movie is by no means amazing, but it’s a fun, cheesy, teen-tinged romantic romp that should serve as a bit of nostalgia for the ladies who grew up during the ’90s.

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3. “Dirty Dancing”

For the record: I have not seen this classic film. However, I’ve heard so many people say it’s the queen of rom-com movies that I know I need to give this classic ’80s film a try. I mean, who doesn’t get into a love story about a chick who falls in love with her dance teacher?

Streaming on Vudu (available to rent)

4.” Crazy, Stupid, Love

Whenever I’m feeling down, I pop in this film. It’s funny, smart and gives my heart that happy weightless feeling. The film follows a 40-something man as he copes with the news of his wife’s recent affair. Luckily, this sad sack runs into a kind ladies man who helps him get his groove back.

5. “Her Alibi”

This quirky and cute romantic comedy is about an almost washed-up writer who houses a seemingly dangerous woman, all in the efforts to reignite his writing bug. While he does, in fact, start writing again, he soon discovers that his new housemate has even more secrets than he originally thought.

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