5 Stylish Recycling Stations to Fit Any Space


Ever since Re-Nest posted this stylish recycling station, we’ve been craving a chic solution of our own. Recycling isn’t one-size-fits-all (natch), so we’ve rounded up five recycling options to fit any size space.

  1. Flip Lid Recycler (pictured above)
    Simplehuman is known for their sleek, yet practical designs, so we weren’t the slightest bit surprised to find several options on their website. This one has two inner buckets for sorting trash and recyclables. It also comes with a five year warranty.
  2. Front Load Recycler
    At just $29.99 a piece, this recycler is probably the most economical option outside of DIY. Available in black or grey, they also come stackable, so you can rearrange them according to your needs.
  3. Premium All-in-One Home Recycling Center
    This gadget may resemble a desktop computer, but it’s actually a super-cool compaction system capable of crushing cans, bottles, and jugs, saving you space. Other notable features include a one-step foot pedal, a recycle day reminder, and an odor eliminator on top.
  4. Top Mount Recycling Double Bins
    If you’re going for a minimalist kitchen, then keeping recyclables out of sight may be your best bet. These 35-quart bins can be concealed inside a sliding cabinet for easy access. Here’s another hidden recycling option from Organize-It.
  5. The DIY Option
    All you DIYers no doubt have a fabulous system for keeping recyclables nicely sorted and organized. Apartment Therapy shares one option using a Crate & Barrel media console and some colorful bins. Here’s another system courtesy of Re-Nest.

Tell us! How do you handle your recycling? Do you keep it hidden or incorporate it into your home’s decor?