5 Easy Pieces: Starting Your Sustainable Wardrobe


Are you coveting sustainably designed Stella McCartneys or Linda Loudermilks? Well, me too…but then reality hits.

Couture aside, you can build the foundations of a sustainable wardrobe without breaking the bank; when you find yourself replacing basics, just choose organic cotton, or another sustainable fabric. These five easy pieces will make a real contribution to transforming the apparel industry, won’t make you feel you’ve consumed excessively, and will keep you solvent.

1. Organic jeans. This one’s easy. You can find Levi’s eco line in many stores, or pick a smaller brand like Loomstate or Earnest Sewn organics if it fits your budget. Choose a dark wash, since light washes require more chemicals and water to manufacture.

2. Organic (or blended organic cotton and bamboo) yoga top and/or pants. Blue Canoe has been making beautiful organic cotton yoga clothes for many years; Lotus Organics has a great selection and a terrific blog about sustainable fashion.

3. Intimates. Simple, comfortable, beautiful organic cotton underwear is everywhere, and lingerie designers are also starting to make sexier options in sustainable fibers; take your pick. Figleaves even has a Greenleaves section now!

4. A cozy bathrobe. I love my Under The Canopy organic cotton kimono robe; for a little more glam, check out VivaTerra‘s pretty silk robes.

5. One great vintage piece. A beaded sweater, fitted jacket or vintage cocktail dress can be dressed up or down for timeless sustainable style. For bonus points, add one handmade artisan accessory – perhaps even handmade by you.