5 Essentials for Your Spring Look


Spring is in the air. Or should I say pollen? Despite the itchy eyes and runny nose that accompany all this blooming, I cherish spring because – among many other benefits – it’s the time to unveil a lighter style.

Here are my picks to prepare for the season.

1. A Solid Foundation

Now that you’ll be spending more time outside in the sun (instead of holing up in your house or office to avoid the cold), you’ll need to "dress" your skin, too. I like bareMinerals SPF 15 foundation by Bare Escentuals. It’s extra light and moisturizing, so you can even forgo lotion before applying.

2. A Simple Day Dress

I’m not one to change my outfit multiple times a day, so I like wearing dresses for easy transitioning between work and going out.  We recently featured a week-long series of eco-chic dresses to help you get started. If you’d like to invest in a spring trend,  canary yellow, feminine florals, and lacy white are all great choices.

3. A Versatile Hoodie

The bright sun can be deceptive, so I always leave the house with a hoodie in hand. Go sporty-chic with this sweatshirt option by Loomstate or choose this Pursuit of Harmony pointelle hoodie if you’re looking for a dressier style. If a hoodie is too casual for your taste, a light vintage cardigan is perfect (if you don’t have one, I know what you’re doing this weekend).

4. Cargo Pants

I love a functional cargo pant. They’re lightweight to keep you cool and casual and they are a great alternative to jeans. Try this pair of picnic trousers from Howies – pair them with sneakers, sandals, or even a cute wedge.

5. Sandals

I always save the best for last. My absolute favorite part about warm weather is the chance to free my feet from socks and boots. And while the mainstream Old Navy options are the right idea, I like to look for eco styles. Try this classic look by Terra Plana, or if you’re feeling really daring, opt for this style by Charmone. But whichever you choose, don’t even think about baring all without a proper eco-friendly pedicure.