6 Apps for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Cut back on your CO2 impact with these apps.

News flash: global warming is very real, and it’s not disappearing anytime soon. While some might say that the only answer is worldwide systemic change, there are ways for individuals to make a small difference by taking steps to reduce their personal carbon footprints. This selection of iPhone and Android apps can help.

Green Outlet

Cut back on your household electricity use with Green Outlet, which helps you identify which appliances use up the most energy. Not only does cutting back on usage help save the planet, it also helps save money. The app also alerts you when you’ve exceeded the U.S. government’s recommended carbon usage and links to TerraPass.com where you can purchase carbon offsets.

Available for iPhone for $0.99.

Just Science

Draw your own conclusions on climate change with the Just Science app, which shows recorded changes in land temperature from the past several centuries on a user-friendly color-coded map. Drawing from Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature study data, the app aims to show the effects of global warming, rather than just say them

Available for the iPhone for free.


The greenMeter application uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to analyze the environmental impact of your driving practices. The app also provides tips on how to increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and cost by moderating acceleration and choosing more efficient cruising speeds. Though reviewers dispute that the software “pays for itself within 1-2 tanks of gas,” the technology is so cool it warrants a test run.

Available for the iPhone for $5.99.

Clean Energy Fuel Finder

Do you fill your car with compressed or liquefied natural gas? The Clean Energy Fuel Finder app can help you find the closest service stations and even uses GPS to provide directions.

Available for the iPhone for free.

Light Bulb Finder

Easily switch from conventional to energy-saving light bulbs with the Light Bulb Finder, an app that helps you compare the costs, savings, and environmental impact of different bulbs.

Available for the iPhone and Android for free.

Google Maps

It’s not technically a “green app,” but Google Maps can help you find the most direct driving route, as well as cut back on all that fuel wasted on getting lost. Plus, the Android version includes biking directions to keep cyclists on the safest routes.

Available for the iPhone and Android for free.


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