6 of the World’s Greatest Healing Waters

healing waters

A bath or drink of water is indeed refreshing, but around the world, water has been reported to do far more than just hydrate and clean. In fact, certain wells and springs are praised for their truly healing waters.

The following 6 of the world’s greatest healing waters give you a glimpse into some of the most major discoveries of medicinal waters around the world.

1. Tlacote, Mexico

Since May 1991, Maitreye has been producing “miracle water,” which is believed to have the cure for just about every ailment, including AIDS and cancer. The well is visited by approximately 10,000 people per day. Visitors trek to the quaint town and wait in a line that can reach more than a mile long, winding down a dusty road, just to get their share of the water. The well was discovered by Jesus Chahin, who observed its healing properties and has since been giving the water away.

2. Pamukkale, Turkey

An impressive sight to behold, the thermal waters on the hillside in Pamukkale, Turkey have created travertines from white calcium deposits that coat a hill like a cotton blanket. Rich with calcium oxide and hydrogen sulfide, the bluish waters are incredibly healing and are among the areas most frequented tourist attractions. It is said that Cleopatra herself bathed in these springs.

3. Nordenau, Germany

Reported to have cured blindness, debilitating back problems, and high blood pressure, a German spring bubbles in a cave located just 100 kilometers east of Dusseldorf. Nestled in a former slate mine in Nordenau, a district of the popular ski resort region of Schmalenberg, the spring was discovered in 1992. So many miracles were reported that the Nordenau springs caught the attention of the scientific community, which went on to acknowledge the water’s healing properties.

4. Nadana, India

In September 1992, water began to flow from an abandoned tubewell. After bathing in the water, villagers in Nadana noticed that it possessed medicinal and so-called “magical” properties. Reported to have healed skin diseases and cured polio, the water attracts major attention. But, despite being offered large sums of money to purchase the well, the town’s mayor refuses to sell the well, saying that it is for the people not for business.

5. Liaoning, China

Zhou Lianghua and his wife Li Guirong, a Chinese couple living in China’s Liaoning province, reported in 1994 that they had disovered the “fountain of youth.” The couple, both more than 80 years old, said that the formerly balding Zhou and graying Li had regained their thick black hair and both developed smooth, wrinkle-free skin by drinking water from the well

6. Yankalilla, Australia

South of Adelaide in South Australia, Yankallilla is site of purported healing water. In 1994, parishioner Susan Fehlburg noticed the image of the Madonna and Child on the wall of the church. In 1996, the incident was reported and soon after, a stream of water was discovered. The water was declared to be the work of the Master who was the Madonna, and that it had healing powers. Two meters from the wall, in line with where the apparition was found, a bore was drilled and the source of the water was found and declared magical and capable of curing illnesses.

Photo Credit: Eleephotography