6 Sexy Yet Cheap Date Ideas for Frugal Couples

Cheap date ideas that won't break the bank.

Whether you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart, or just want keep the romance alive, we have some cheap date ideas to help you frugal couples out there.

Some folks think having a good time means spending bucketloads of money; other folks are less convinced. We know that it’s possible to have a romantic evening without breaking open your piggy bank. Whether you have only been dating for 3 months or have been shacked up for 3 years, we have got some cheap date ideas for those already frugal couples and those couples looking to bring a little more frugality into their lives.

Outside the Box Cheap Date Ideas

  1. Restaurant School Dinner – If you are lucky enough to live near a University with a restaurant management program, or even a culinary school, look into whether they offer public dining facilities or not. Many do, as it’s often a critical component in their programs. You might be surprised at the quality of experience many of these programs can offer.
  2. Back to Nature – The dinner and a movie date concept is dead. Or at least it should be. Getting out into nature is the perfect way to spend time with your significant other. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll along the water’s edge or a high-intensity hike, communing with nature is a great way to commune with each other. It’s also a mainstay among cheap date ideas.
  3. BYOB Venues – Depending on the liquor laws where you live, it may be possible (or necessary) for you to bring your own bottle of wine to dinner. This is a great way to save money on a nice meal. It’s not uncommon for the markup on a glass of wine to be 70 to 80 percent.
  4. Make a Meal Together – There’s nothing sexier than cooking together in the kitchen. Cooking at home is way cheaper than eating out, and the hands-on nature of cooking just might lead to some hands-on action in the kitchen.
  5. Enrich Together – Taking an art class, joining a book group, learning a language, taking up an instrument, or visiting a museum might all seem like solitary pursuits, but think again. There’s nothing sexier than someone who is smart, are we right? So, get smart and accomplished together!
  6. Volunteer Together – Dating doesn’t just have to be all about you as a couple. Couples who give back together might just be happier together. Studies show that volunteering increases happiness and can decrease depression. So, pick a cause like volunteering at the local animal shelter, nature preserve, or for Habitat for Humanity and make the most of your quality time together.

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