6 Streaming Movies to Get You Ready for Fall: From ‘October Sky’ to ‘Scream’

Fall leaves on a street


We’ve got streaming movies with a seasonal twist.

Who is ready for cool weather, long sleeves and freshly baked pumpkin bread?! I know I am. To celebrate the fall season, the best season ever (If you don’t agree, I’m sorry), we’ve gathered some awesome streaming movies that show why fall is just so darn magical.

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1. “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”: Steve Martin and John Candy are the best in this offbeat, Thanksgiving film. The movie follows Martin as he tries to get home for the holiday. As the movie’s title suggests, he has to take a plane, a train and an automobile to get home, all while dealing with the well-meaning, but totally frustrating Candy.

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3. “Scream”: Get in Halloween mode early (I started on August 1) by watching this classic horror movie. It follows a group of students as they try to survive the deadly clutches of a murderer.

4. “Pieces of April”: This Thanksgiving movie follows April as she prepares Thanksgiving dinner for her family. Thing is, April is estranged from her family and the reunion is a tad, well, complicated.

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5. “October Sky”: This film just exudes the fall season. (Heck, the best fall month is even in its title!) The movie tells the story of Homer, a young man, who is “destined” to work in his town’s big industry – coal mining. But Homer begins to want a different future (one filled with rockets and exploration) once the 1954 Sputnik launch gets on his radar.

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6. “Meet Me in St. Louis”: This is such a simple story, but it’s so great. This 1944 classic film follows the Smith family. The family’s parents have their hands full as they are raising four mischievous women. All is fine and well (as fine and well as life can be with that many offspring) until Mr. Smith tells the family they have to leave their beloved St. Louis for New York. The film’s opening scene occurs on Halloween night and is probably one of the most hilarious – and pretty true to real life – replication of how families interact on film.

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