6 Tips to Clean Eating While Traveling: Bon Voyage!

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You eat healthy at home and then once you hit the road, it all goes out the window. Clean eating can be difficult when you’re traveling–you’re in a place where you don’t know the healthy hotspots and you’re off your routine. But with a few simple tips, you won’t fall off track.

6 Tips to Clean Eating While Traveling

1. Bring the essentials along.

Bring some clean eating essentials along like non-dairy milk and organic granola for breakfast. Bring snacks along as well like seaweed snacks, raw nuts, dried sulfite-free fruit, and raw granola bars.

2. Do your research.

When I travel I do my research ahead of time. First off, I contact my vegan and vegetarian friends that either live in a place or have been there and find out the details. And then I go to the Happy Cow website to find out the veggie havens in the area. Even if you’re not a vegan or vegetarian, finding plant-friendly places usually means finding the healthiest clean eating in town. Additionally, farm-to-table restaurants are clean options that please a meat lover’s palate as well.

3. Find a place with a kitchen.

Call ahead to find hotels with a kitchen. If your hotel room has a kitchen, then you can eat in at least a few meals during your trip. If it’s a bed and breakfast, you can stock the fridge with vegan and gluten free options that they may not offer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much people want to accommodate you if possible.

4. Don’t get wasted.

Vacation and travel isn’t an excuse to drink too much. This leads to dehydration, disrupted sleep, and eating an unhealthy diet.

5. Have a salad.

That may seem obvious, but by enjoying a raw salad as either a side or an entree at least once a day, you’re going a long way to maintain your daily veggie allowance and you’ll feel better for it. Skip the cream based dressing and enjoy oil and vinegar instead.

6. Hit the farmers market.

I make it my mission to hit the farmers market nearly every time I visit a new place. It offers healthy, local options while  connecting you to the people of the place you’re visiting.

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