6 Unique Yoga Clothing Brands (When Black Yoga Pants No Longer Cut It)

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These yoga clothing brands are off-the-beaten path and welcome inspiration to your spiritual wardrobe.

It’s time to branch out from the usual. Sure, LuluLemon has the design, performance, and aesthetic we have all come to love and appreciate, but there are more (and better) fish in the sea. Expand your yoga clothing to include independent designers, more unique designs, and a touch of eco-consciousness. The following 6 yoga clothing brands are sure to inspire your wardrobe and spark enthusiasm for yoga and increased spirituality.

6 Unique Yoga Clothing Brands


1. Teeki

Perhaps the most standout yogawear brand out there, Teeki sells yoga gear with very unique prints – imagine: a constellation meets a tiger meets tie dye meets ancient Egyptian encryptions. The illustrations, patterns, and visuals on their yoga pants and tops inspire the kindred spirit in all of us and are a true delight to the senses. If you want to set your downward dog self among everyone else in your yoga class, get Teeki gear now! Even better Teeki’s designs are the company’s commitment to sustainability. All of its products are made from sustainable or recycled goods. Every pound of Teeki products conserves an equivalent of half a gallon of gasoline. And all clothing is made in the U.S.


2. PrAna

PrAna offers a selection of yoga tops and pants. The designs are light-hearted and fun. Devoted to inspiring a free-spirited lifestyle, PrAna reflects this purpose not only with its designs but also with its committed to sustainable practices. The sustainable clothing company uses organic cotton, recycled wool, hemp and recycled polyester in its production processes. It also uses responsible down from used bedding products collected through charities in Europe. PrAna now wraps most of its garments in 100 percent  recyclable bags, having cut down the number of plastic it used in its packaging by 74 percent.

nina b roze

3. Nina B Roze

Originally from Ukraine, Nina Berenboym moved to L.A. in 1992. A former ballerina and educated designer Nina was so passionate about art, movement, and the mind-body-soul equation, she jumpstarted her own activewear brand. Her creations are inspired by the Victorian era, full of femininity and elegance. Nina’s signature design, the Heart Butt™, is a best seller.


4. Alala

Sleek comes to mind when a woman walks by in ALALA gear. She’s fresh off the mat but her style is on point, almost too on point. ALALA screams New York City – bold colors, lean fit, black mesh, and crisp corners. The luxury activewear brand is sophisticated, authentic, comfortable, and functional, fully embodying the balance modern women seek in their everyday lives. Named after a Greek goddess, ALALA signifies a battle cry or call to arms. As its namesake suggests, in ALALA gear, you’ll surely make your mark.


5. Yoga-Paws

Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to bust a yoga move and a yoga mat is nowhere to be found. Enter: YogaPaws, clothing you wear on your hands and feet for comfort and stabilization when you’re on the move and neither want or have your yoga mat in tow. The gloves for your hands and feet fit a lot like biker gloves – your fingers and toes are exposed while your palms are lightly padded. Not only do YogaPaws boost your outdoor or on-the-move performance, they also make a fashion statement.


6. AloYoga           

AloYoga is one of my favorite yoga clothing brands. I love the bright colors, intricate patterns, and diversity, and I’m a huge fan of the various mesh leggings designs (I’m so into the mesh trend) as well as the iconic (and apparently patent-pending) Goddess legging, which bear a colorful design from the waist down to the upper knee, then turns completely black, grey, or white down to the feet. AloYoga is also a stickler about flattering designs, which is something we can all be thankful for!

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