6 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Without AC


Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means: Barbeques, flip flops, day trips to the beach, and insufferable heat. Even as the mercury in the thermometer on my back porch rises a little bit every day, I open the windows and resist the urge to turn on the AC. But, the more my home begins to feel like a sauna, the occasional cool breeze doesn’t cut it anymore. Just when the temptation was about to get the better of me, I decided to see what greener alternatives there are for keeping my house cool.

You know that spare set of sheets you keep in the guest room? Soak them in ice cold water, wring them out and hang them in front of open windows. Okay, the decorator in you might object to this method, but the breeze that blows through will feel much cooler, guaranteed. On the same note, hang a clothesline outside and officially retire your dryer.

Face a few of your floor fans towards open windows to force out some of the warm air.

If you have opaque curtains, keep them closed as long as the sun is shining. Better yet, invest in solar screens. They deflect the sun’s rays and keep your home much cooler.

If you have tile or wood floors, remove any rugs.

This one’s pretty obvious for anybody with an ounce of eco-consciousness, but I’ll throw it in for good measure. Turn off electronics when you aren’t using them. Not only do they emit heat, but you’re wasting energy by leaving them on while idle.

Excess humidity is another element that can make a room feel hotter. Check out the best home dehumidifiers to help control excess humidity in your home.

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Image: ToastyKen