7 Best Holiday Hostess Gifts That’ll Get You Invited to Every Party

7 Best Holiday Hostess Gifts to Make You a Popular GuestThe season of gift-giving and partying is just around the corner. Don’t forget to stock up on holiday hostess gifts. Here are the best green gifties for party givers.

Of course, we are all ready to see friends and family, swig some yummy holiday cocktails, and munch on party food. It’s what makes this time of year so special. But the number one mistake people make with hostess gifts, other than not giving them? Waiting until the last minute to pick them out.

Stocking up early means all you have to think about is what to wear. Wondering when it is appropriate to bring a gift? If you follow Emily Post’s advice, there are few events that do not warrant a hostess gift. And when in doubt, it never hurts to bring a little something.

So, get shopping for these holiday hostess gifts that are green, healthy, and sure to please any hardworking soiree thrower.

7 Green Holiday Hostess Gifts to Buy Now

Consumables are a hostess favorite. They are fun to receive, often a luxury item that someone would not ordinarily purchase for themselves, and (maybe best of all) they go away so they don’t need to make a permanent spot for a new item. Any of the following are sure to be welcome.

sparkling cider

1. A bottle of something sparkling: You know your hostess will receive a bottle of wine or two. A sparkling wine is more fun and something she can save for a special occasion (or later that night!). Not a drinker? Can’t go wrong with a sparkling cider, especially for a host with children.


2. A beautiful little bouquet: You may have heard that you should not bring flowers as a hostess gift because finding a vase adds a new task to an already busy hostess list. Still, there are few party givers who’d actually frown on a beautiful bouquet. How about something special? Like a farm fresh, artisan bouquet. Have delivered to your hostess’ home before the party starts.

hand lotion

3. A lovely hand lotion: Everyone’s skin gets dry this time of year. After all the hard work of party planning, give the gift of smooth, soft skin with a luxe hand lotion.


4. Say cheese: A chunk of high-quality cheese can pinch hit if appetizers run low quickly, or as a treat for your host the next day. Hit your local Whole Foods Market for a good selection. No clue where to start? Check out this handy cheese shopping guide.


5. For the sweet tooth: French macarons are as pretty to look at as they are delicious. The perfect gift. Choose sweet treats made with the best ingredients. May we suggest an assortment?

bath salts

6. The day after: Throwing a holiday bash isn’t easy. It takes days, even weeks, to pull off a good party. Give your hostess the gift of bliss with detoxifying bath salts. Throw in some Moon Juice Good Night Dust for a fresh start.


7. For the home: Help your host set the tone with a seasonal home scent. A candle made with natural ingredients with cedar fragrance brings the outside in and is perfect for the season.

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