The Gold Guide To A Safe Summer Glow

6 best products for a healthy self tan.

Many of us want a bronzed look, but achieving a safe summer glow can be tricky. We want to look gently kissed by the sun, not smacked in the face by a metallic tangerine. So check out our favorite products this season for sun-less (and safer) color.

Eco SPF 30+ FACE
Just because you’re not directly baking in the sun, doesn’t mean you should forgo a daily SPF. Eco FACE receives a #1 ranking from the Skin Deep database for safety. With a non-greasy application, this product moisturizers and protects with a non-whitening zinc oxide. It is also completely free of nanoparticles.

Natural Self Tanner by True Natural Cosmetics ($17.99)
For some, applying a self-tanner can seem like a walk through a department store makeup area – there’s lots of chemicals and fragrance flying around. This brand-new self tanner from True Naturals brings us back to nature with a light, citrus scent plied with a smooth, quick-to-absorb application. Meant for face and body, this vegan product is the first USDA 100% Certified, Biobased self tanner on the market. Using naturally-occurring sugars, the product reacts with amino acids on the skin to create a naturally-tanned look.

Deep Dry Skin Leg Oil by This Works ($60.00)
The first line of defense against dull skin is a good moisturizer – so what better to give your gams a richer hue than a product made from nine different cold-pressed essential oils? Deep Dry Skin Leg Oil, via Futurenatural, combines rose, patchouli, sandalwood, tuberose, macadamia and coconut oils with Jojoba and olive oils. This product brings a deep hydration to your skin. High in vitamins and fatty acids, you can transform your skin from scaly to silky smooth.

Bronzer by Alima Pure ($17.00)
The general rule of thumb for picking a shade for bronzer is to go two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Creating a soft glow, this product enhances your natural skin tone with a subtle sun-kissed application. Available in several different swatches, it is BDIH certified. Alima Pure was the second United States company to gain this prestigious natural certification.

Bronzer and Blush Combo by Miessence ($31.90 and $21.15)
For the ultimate in color, consider separately applying both a bronzer and blush. Some products are meant for blending, as are this bronzer and blush combo from Miessence via Organic Glow. The experts at Organic Glow recommend using a powder brush to dust the bronzer and blush to the desired color intensity. Apply the bronzer in a C formation and the blush to the apples of your cheeks. Organic Glow offers several shades of blush by Miessence – lighter skin tones should start with Apricot Dew while the darkest should consider Desert Rose Satin. These products are both BFA certified (Biological Farmers of Australia).

Living Luminizer by RMS Beauty ($38.00)
Liquid bronzers can be streaky, so for many its best to stick with a powder duster. But for those looking to sparkle, the Living Luminizer from RMS Beauty will add light and life to your face. For darker skin tones, this can be an excellent way to add a bit of shimmer to your bronzer. For all users of all shades, this is a great choice for daytime, as a good shimmer reflects daylight. This product is formulated with raw, food grade organic ingredients in their natural state.

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Katherine Butler

Katherine Butler is the Beauty Editor of EcoSalon and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.