7 Bird Design Trends for Birds of a Feather (Lovers)

Crown influenced by bird designed.

Spread your wings with the feather and bird design trend.

Both birds and feathers have long been used to decorate our homes and adorn our bodies–images of birds were even found among the cave paintings at Lascaux, France that date back to 15,000 BCE. Birds and feathers invoke the natural world and the freedom and beauty of flight and their image is one that has held meaning for our species for a very long time.

It only makes sense that we want to decorate our homes and choose fashions that feature bird-themed motifs. Whether you go in more for the graceful or the cute, embrace your inner peacock or feather your nest with these stunning bird-themed critters.

Sacrf with bird design.

Image: Shovava

1. Bird Wings Scarf – Spread your wings in the most gorgeous of ways with this handpainted white cotton scarf featuring black and white illustration of bird wings. It’s also available in different colors and multi-colored versions as well. This would make the perfect shoulder cover up this spring and summer.

Bird design on tea towels.

Image: dutchdoor

2. Bird Tea Towels – Add a little Scandinavian folkloric flourish to your kitchen with these quaint screenprinted bird-themed towels. Practical and cute!

Wooden bird design hanings.

Image: AnnaWiscombe

3. Wooden Wall Birds – Add a lovely little flock to your walls with this family of birds that are handcrafted from oak and finished with little carved details and a bright finish of paint. Brighten up a dingy corner with these sweet little birds.

Wall decals with bird design.

Image: StreetWallz

4. Feather Wall Decal – Decorate a quiet book nook in your home with these colorful and delicate feather wall decals. These wall decals are printed on woven fabric that looks and feels like canvas, but with a removable peel and stick self-adhesive.

Bird design art.

Image: NanLawson

5. Bird Illustration – Adorn your walls with some sweet bird-themed artwork like this pretty illustration from the artist Nan Lawson.

Crown influenced by bird designed.

Image: wildandfreejewelry

6. Feather Crown – Channel your inner free spirit with this dramatic feather crown. It comes in a variety of feather colors and is perfect for festival season.

Bird design wood panels.

Image: ClearSkyDesigns

7. Rustic Bird Charm – Feathered friends adorn these rustically reclaimed barn door panels. Add them to your home for some bird style.

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