7 Clever Space Saving Ideas: Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Clever space saving ideas.

Dream of a clutter-free home, but don’t have enough space? Here are some clever space saving ideas you can use to maximize unused areas in your home. 

Whether you live in a tiny urban apartment or a more spacious suburban single family home, we all face our own space challenges. It might be how to keep bedroom storage hidden in a studio apartment or how to deal with not having a separate office space in a townhouse; but whatever the reason, we all can use some more space saving ideas.

The ultimate way to deal with these challenges is to not accumulate too much stuff. Realistically though, even the most conscientious consumers among us still easily end up with more stuff than our space allows and that’s even if we don’t live in a tiny house. It’s even worse for those of us with partners and/or children–the ability to accumulate possessions is magnified then!

So, if after being a conscious consumer you still find yourself needing some space saving ideas for how to store your stuff, we have put together some some clever tricks for maximizing your space. There are solutions for cramming in more stuff to your apartment or townhouse that you might not have thought about and here are some of the best.

Clever Space Saving Ideas

  1. In the kitchen, hanging pots and pans is one fantastic way to maximize space. Free up cupboards by adding a hanging rack.
  2. Add corner shelves to utilize what is often viewed as unusable space. Think about how handy some corner shelves next to the bathroom sink could be.
  3. Under the bed storage is a must if you are trying to maximize space and it’s possible to use the space without adding unsightly clutter. Consider some of these space saving ideas for under bed storage.
  4. Many of us don’t use our closets to their fullest potential either. The back of closet doors are an often overlooked storage space. Try adding shelves or hanging storage to the backs of your closet doors.
  5. Add more counter space in the kitchen by using a large cutting board that fits over your sink.
  6. Clean up clutter that piles up on the table by making and using “seat sacks” for the backs of your kitchen or dining room chairs.
  7. Build a storage ottoman to add hidden storage space to your living room or den.

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