7 Cool Gadgets For A Smarter, Healthier Home

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Check out this selection of cool gadgets meant to make our homes more safe and comfortable.

Cool gadgets are everywhere. If you followed the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, you know that everyone from startups to global brands are falling all over themselves to create the next revolutionary device. Some of these things, like curved OLED televisions or an app to organize all your other apps (really?!) are either pointless or super expensive or both.

However, some cool gadgets are less conceptual and more practical, and better yet, already headed to open market. At EcoSalon, we have our ear to the ground, watching the internet for news of cool gadgets (and some bigger devices too) that really could lead to more efficient, healthier homes. Here are some of our favorites.

7 Cool Gadgets For A Smarter, Healthier Home

cool gadgets Sleep Number x12 Bed

1. x12 Smart Bed from Sleep Number

Sleep Number recently unveiled the x12 smart bed, which contains sensors that monitor your sleeping habits, movement, heart rate and breathing rate. Thanks to a smartphone app that collects all the data (pictured, top) the bed actually learns your sleeping habits and suggests adjustments that could deliver higher quality sleep. And–best of all– it includes a Partner Snore feature that allows you to gently raise your partner’s headrest to help ease snoring.

cool gadgets parrot power flower

2. Power Flower from Parrot

Love the green, air-cleaning quality of indoor house plants, but find yourself doomed to kill them? The Power Flower from Parrot is a Bluetooth-enabled device that’s designed to monitor your potted plants, then communicate what you’re doing wrong via a smartphone app. It also works on lawns!

sowden softbrew cool gadgets

 3. Softbrew by Sowden

If, like me, the first task of your day is brewing a pot of coffee, than this will likely be your favorite from this list of cool gadgets. The Softbrew by Snowden is a simple and eco-friendly brewing system that will make you wonder why you ever bothered with electric pots and paper filters. It’s all thanks to the Softbrew’s stainless steel filter which is etched with thousands of holes, small enough to keep the coffee grounds out of your cup. The porcelain pot also stays hot longer than glass or steel, and the filter and packaging is all recyclable.

power pillow cool gadgets

4. The Power Pillow

On the weekends, I love to snuggle up on the couch with my laptop for some non-work surfing. The only problem is my laptop’s battery often runs out, forcing me to plug in the power cord, creating a dangerous trip wire across the living room. The Power Pillow, one of the many cool gadgets now gathering funding on Kickstarter, is an innovative answer to this problem. The company claims the pillow will be available in a range of different designs. Inside each will be two two–12000mAh slim form batteries capable of charging just about any USB-powered device. Juice the batteries using a solar charger like the WakaWaka and it’s a stylish and sustainable solution.

WeMo-Insight-Switch cool gadgets

5. WeMo Insight Switch by Belkin

Take your home energy conservation efforts a step further with the WeMo Insight Switch. This innovative device allows users “to control and manage the energy usage and costs of home electronics from anywhere through their iOS or Android device.” It’s also possible to put appliances plugged into this switch on a schedule and receive notifications when the appliance is turned on or off.

breath humidifier roolen cool gadgets

6. Breath Humidifier by Roolen

Do sinus issues or super dry air require you to sleep with a humidifier? Most are fairly clunky, and feature scant ability to customize for individual needs. Not so with the Breath Humidifier by Roolen. Breath features sensors and settings that automatically adjusts the device to a humidity level best fit your surroundings, ensuring that you don’t waste water or energy.

mr postman cool gadgets

7. Mr. Postman by Simple Elements

Tired of checking the mail when there’s nothing there? Or worse, worrying about someone stealing your mail when you can’t get to the box right away? Mr. Postman is a solar-powered smart mailbox that brings snail mail and package delivery up to the 21st century. Along with additional security such as a keyless locking system and tampering alert, Mr. Postman makes your life smarter by letting you know what packages have arrived.

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Images via Sleep Number, Parrot, Sowden, Power Pillow, Belkin, Roolen, Simple Elements