7 Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Eco-Conscious Daddy this Father’s Day

alternative father's day gifts

This Father’s Day, don’ t forget to give daddy a gift that has more meaning than meets the eye. The following eco-conscious gifts warrant applause, not only for their usage points but also for their role in saving the world.

Instead of crafting a makeshift present at the last hour, put some thought into Father’s Day this year and consider one of these 7 eco-friendly gifts for the eco-conscious daddy that will put a smile on his (and Mother Nature’s) face.

1. Peak Performance Socks

If your father is active and an avid runner, he probably could use socks that keep his feet dry and blister free. Injinji sells toe socks that properly align toes, promoting posture and balance as well as preventing the wear and tear on his toes. Injinji currently has a buy-2-get-1-free sale for Father’s Day.

2. Recycled Shorts

Just in time for the summer, Patagonia offers board shorts that stay strong in prolonged exposure to salt water and UV rays and are designed to reduce inner thigh chafing. Better yet, Pantagonia ensures that dad can keep his gear out of landfills by participating in its recycle program, which allows the company to re-use the shorts and make them into new products.

3. Fair Trade Soccer

Is your father a soccer fan? Gift him a Fair Trade soccer ball from Senda Athletics. The company not only meets Fair Trade standards but also fuels money back into a communal fund to improve producers’ social, economic and environmental conditions.

4. Next Level TOMS

If dad is not already wearing TOMS, get him started this Father’s Day with the help of Ben Affleck’s Eastern Congo Initiative. This limited edition collection of shoes with a special significance is inspired by Congolese textiles, with two styles for men. For each pair sold, $5 goes to the youth and families in the region. This is on top of TOMS promise to provide a child in need with a new pair of shoes.

5. Reclaimed Golf Balls

This may be the perfect gift for the eco-conscious golfer. Lost Golf Balls is a company that retrieves golf balls from lakes and surrounding natural terrain of resorts, private facilities and courses in the U.S. After being cleaned and sorted based on brand, model and condition, prices are determined.

6. Solar-Powered Watch

Dad will never have to worry about replacing the battery on this watch. The Citizen Blue Angels Skyhawk Watch uses solar power to charge its battery both indoors and outdoors. It has a five-year warranty.

7. Solar Bicycle Trunk Bag

Dad is already saving the world by biking to and fro, but now he can store his belongings and charge electronics with the Nomad Solar Bicycle Trunk Bag. Powered by solar energy, the bag has a universal fit and keeps dad charged while he rides.

Photo Credit: Jurvetson