7 Guided Meditations to Bookmark for When You Just Can’t Even

7 Guided Meditations to Bookmark for When You Just Can't Even

Guided meditations for when you feel like your head’s about to pop right off.

Okay, so you’re at work and a wave of anxiety strikes. Maybe you’re on a tight deadline or you know you have to be somewhere at a certain time and the edginess kicks in: “Will I finish in time? Can I finish in time? Ugh, I could really use a Xanax.” (Or maybe that last part’s just me.)

Ironically, the stress spiral distracts you to the point of making your worst case scenario come true. For icky moments like these, check out these quick and dirty guided meditations to get your mind back on track, stat:

1. Guided Meditation with Steve Ross

This guided meditation by yoga instructor Steve Ross is so soothing, his voice just might put you into a coma. It’s also a fabulous meditation for beginners.

2. Chopra.com Guided Meditations

There are several guided meditations available on the Chopra Centered Lifestyle website that range from five minutes to one hour. Just hit play.

3. Mayo Clinic Guided Meditation

The video itself is simply a lit candle with relaxing tunes in the background. If you’re like me and your mind goes into overdrive when it’s quiet, the candle is a surprisingly useful distraction.

4. Fragrant Heart Guided Meditations

This index of guided meditations is organized by category—relaxation, healing, etc.—and are available with or without background music.

5. UCLA Free Guided Meditations

If you’ve yet to meditate on the regular, UCLA’s guided meditation tracks are great for beginners or people who are crunched for time. You can stream them or download them to iTunes.

6. 5 Minute Guided Meditation

This guided meditation with Susanne Kempken helps get rid of that morning sluggishness while giving you a (much-needed) boost of energy.

7. 5 Minute Body Scan Meditation

This quick and easy meditation works anytime, anywhere when you’re in desperate need of a pick-me-up (or you know, a wind-me-down).

Which guided meditations do you turn to when you’re all verklempt?

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