7 Healing Homemade Chicken Soup Recipes from Around the World 

7 Healing Homemade Chicken Soup Recipes from Around the World 

The moment you feel a cold coming on, use the wisdom of a thousand grandmothers from around the world and make one of these healing homemade chicken soup recipes to feel better almost instantly.

There’s something so comforting about the silkiness of fresh homemade chicken soup. The velvety broth, soft vegetables and tender chicken are almost instantly healing. Different cultures have different versions of chicken soup but the basics are the same: boil parts of a raw chicken for a few hours and add vegetables and either rice or noodles.

An often-cited study done at the start of this century in the medical journal Chest revealed that eating chicken soup really does in fact help your body fight infection. It’s no longer just maternal wisdom, chicken soup IS really good for your immune system. It’s something to do with the way the specific proteins in cooked chicken help in reducing inflammation. The full study can be found here if you’re curious.
Here are 7 different and delicious healing soups from around the world.
Vietnamese Pho
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This aromatic soup’s broth is made with star anise and cloves for a wonderful exotic flavor. Rice noodles and a whole range of topping like fresh Thai basil, bean sprouts and cilantro make it uniquely Vietnamese.

2. Korean Ginseng Soup
Samgyetang in Korean, this delicious soup packs a healthy amount of ginseng which is prized for its medicinal benefits in many asian cultures. Ginseng is commonly used for energy and immunity boosting and this soup is an excellent way to get your fill without taking unpleasant pills.

matzoh ball soup
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Jewish grandmothers have followed the wisdom of the philosopher Maimonides since the 12th century, who wrote of the healing powers of chicken soup. Matzoh balls are delicious fluffy balls of crushed matzo meal and egg.
This wonderfully filling soup is spicy from the added garam masala as well hearty from the moroccan cous cous. Fresh avocado adds protein and flavor.
Japanese Somen Noodle Soup
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5. Japanese Miso Noodle Soup
The rich smoky flavor of miso is mixed here with chicken, noodles and shiitake mushrooms for a divine soup that will lift your spirits in no time. This dish is elegant enough to serve guests so you can relax and concentrate on feeling better.

6. Colombian Chicken Stew
This latin stew is brilliantly flavored with dried oregano, fresh corn and cilantro. Capers add a delicate saltiness and avocado balances everything out.

7. French Pot-Au-Feu  
This gastronomic classic relies on the beautiful vegetables of the French countryside for a bright and vitamin-rich stew. Luckily, potatoes, cabbage and squash are available almost everywhere so there’s no need to visit the French countryside, just your local Farmer’s market.

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