7 Hurtful Lies Your Inner Critic Wants You to Believe (But Please Don’t)

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Your inner critic is screaming. We give others a break for one thing and then hate ourselves for that very same quality. So often, the lies we tell ourselves are detrimental not only to our success but to our overall happiness. The first step is catching yourself before the damage is done.

Your Inner Critic: 7 Hurtful Lies We Tell Ourselves

1. She’s better than me.

I’m guilty of it and it’s one of the most counterproductive lies you can tell yourself. Judging your insides with someone else’s outsides. You don’t know how other people feel or if they’re happy but even still, you’re judging your own achievements but what others around you appear to have. Don’t compare, it causes despair.

2. Past mistakes are causing me not to have success today.

Whatever you strive for in life, let go out your past mistakes. Realize that you learned from them and they took you where you are today. Living in the past will never bring you happiness in the present.

3. That third drink is no big deal.

You know that three drinks is too much. You’re going to feel guilty tomorrow and think less of yourself. Yet you think this time will be different. It won’t.

4. I’ll start tomorrow.

You can’t meditate today but tomorrow you’ll meditate twice to catch up. Why wait? If you want the benefits of something in your life, start on it today.

5. People will find out I’m not that good.

This is particularly true of women in the workplace. Women often think that they’re surrounded by people who are smarter than them. There’s a fear of their employer “finding out” that they’re not deserving of their position. Quiet your inner critic.

6. I’m completely out of control.

When things get chaotic in life, you may feel like life is completely out of control. In part it is, but there are things that you can do to find success in your little slice of life. First, do one thing at a time. Multi-tasking is a myth which means you’ll just do a poor job on each task. Write a to-do list and check one thing off at a time. Do a little at a time and eventually you’ll feel more in control.

7. I’m alone.

You’re not. We all have shortcomings or perceived shortcomings. We all have periods when we feel worthless and alone. But the reality is we’re all in this together and we’re all going through similar trials and tribulations.

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