7 Natural Beauty Reasons You Should Wear Less Makeup

Too much makeup

Why should you consider a makeup detox and focus on natural beauty instead?

You might be surprised to learn the only makeup I’ve worn over the past few years is chapstick. I decided to go on a full-blown hiatus from beauty products after completely losing myself under layers of foundation, concealers, eyeshadows and anything ending in “gloss.” I didn’t wear makeup out of self-consciousness – I enjoyed looking put together and ready to take on the day… only, I just looked that way.

Spending too much time in front of the mirror equaled neglecting other areas of my life that were way more important: Healthy eating, exercising, and that whole work thing. You’d be surprised at the amount of concealer you start using to hide chronic exhaustion. To save myself from myself, I decided to take natural beauty for a spin.

Here are 7 reasons you should do the same:

1. You’ll save oodles of time
And not just in the morning, either: You’ll spend your lunch breaks mindfully munching instead of inhaling your food to squeeze in a pre-meeting touchup. You won’t have to look at everything with a reflection to make sure your face is just right. You’ll also get to enjoy the summer without worrying if your face will melt off.

2. You’ll save oodles of money
The less makeup you use, the less you have to buy. Your bank account will finally come out of overdraft! (It’s tough not to foam at the mouth when a new mascara comes out though, so make sure not to make eye contact with the sales girl during your next trip to the drug store.)

3. You’ll be able to simplify your beauty routine
New products come out every 35 seconds, and the commercials are uber-enticing. They all act like buying their products will help to enhance your natural beauty, when in fact the opposite is true. A makeup hiatus will help you simplify your beauty routine and define what you really need versus what you’re influenced to need.

4. You’ll focus more on skin care
Ironically, many of us end up wearing makeup to cover up the breakouts and other skin irritations caused by the makeup itself. Once you let your skin breathe, you’ll focus more on how to enhance your natural beauty in healthier ways – a little moisturizer goes a long way. The more TLC you give your skin, the less makeup you’ll feel you need.

5. You’ll appreciate your natural beauty
There’s nothing more liberating than a clean face (seriously!). Once you take the time to focus on things that legitimately enhance your natural beauty – such as healthy eating, exercise, and ample time for de-stressing – not having to chisel makeup off every night before bed is just the cherry on top.

6. You’ll learn to have fun with it
Remember stealing your mom’s makeup and pretending to be a grown-up? Remember how you didn’t focus on how it made you look, but the fun of putting it on? You’ll find yourself experimenting with makeup because it’s fun to try new things – think Jenna Rink in “13 Going on 30” – and your inner 9-year-old will love you for it.

7. You’ll use it as a form of self-expression
You’ll stop thinking about what the latest beauty trends are and become your own trendsetter. Once your beauty habits are less about wearing makeup out of necessity and more about creatively expressing who you are, you’re officially showcasing your natural beauty.

How do you enhance your natural beauty?

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