7 Of The Best Natural Face Masks Money Can Buy

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Is your skin begging for a pick-me-up? Put one of these natural face masks on your shopping list.

Making your own nourishing facial mask is easy and cheap, but it does take time and the right ingredients. If you’re busy, or your pantry is bare, buying natural face masks is the next best thing–but don’t just grab the first one you see.

The beauty aisle is crowded with products that claim to be natural face masks, but are chock full of unnecessary toxic ingredients that could actually irritate your skin and affect your health. Which defeats the entire purpose!

Not to worry, we at EcoSalon poked around to find some of the best natural face masks on the market. If you can’t (or just don’t want to) make a DIY face mask, these are a worthy substitute.

7 Of The Best Natural Face Masks Money Can Buy

miessence natural face masks

1 . Miessence Purifying Mineral Mask

Made from certified organic ingredients, the Miessence Purifying Mineral Mask is perfect for oily or problem skin. Made with natural green clay, organic echinacea and witch hazel to tone and purify, this mask comes as a dry powder that you combine with water when ready to use (this means there’s no danger of drying out if you forget the cap!). “It pulls so many toxins out of the skin, it’s amazing!” said Danika Carter, blogger and owner of Your Organic Life. “It even helps detox trapped toxins in the arm pit when switching from antiperspirant to organic deodorant.” $28.65


juice beauty green apple peel natural face masks

2. Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel

Perfect for sensitive skin, this product may call itself a peel, but it’s one of the best natural face masks on the market. Using organic ingredients like apple juice, white grapes, lemon and aloe, the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel is designed for all skin types except those with rosacea or extremely sensitive skin. It’s a best-seller because it exfoliates and refines to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and lighten hyperpigmentation. $39

lush natural face masks

3. Lush Mask of Magnaminty

With a name like that, a mask could either be pretentious or awesome, and thankfully this product from Lush is the latter. Made with China clay, fresh peppermint, adzuki beans, and vanilla, Mask of Magnaminty gives you that deep down tingly clean while also exfoliating and soothing dry skin. $24.95

bio active natural face masks

4. La Bella Figura Bio Active Purifying Mask

Using a combination of Manuka honey, mineral rich actives and purifying activated charcoal, Bio Active Purifying Mask is perfect for those who want to eradicate bacteria and dirt while balancing skin tone. “I love this mask because I can feel the clay drawing out toxins. It leaves my skin feeling super clean and refreshed,” says Paige Wolf,  a PR specialist for green businesses. “I also love the look of a “mud-mask” for scaring my 4 year old!” $60

pangea natural face masks

5. Pangea Japanese Matcha Tea, Acai, Goji Berry Facial Mask

No list of natural facial masks would be complete without mentioning Pangea. This company has been dedicated to producing the highest quality natural beauty products since day one, and this superfood-packed facial mask is no exception. It will noticeably improve the quality, tone, and texture of your skin, leaving you soft and glowing. $40

SW Basics Hibiscus natural facial masks

6. S.W. Basics Hibiscus Mask

Few natural face masks can boast an ingredient list that’s only three items long, but that’s exactly what you’ll find on this bottle. Made with direct-trade hibiscus, French green clay, and organic lavender, this Hibiscus mask comes in a powder formula that you mix with water, yogurt or honey to smooth and detox. $22

kiss my face natural face masks

7. Kiss My Face Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

I don’t know about you, but what I want from natural face masks is pore minimization. Made with cloves, tea tree, lemongrass and other natural extracts, the Deep Pore Cleansing Mask from Kiss My Face attacks facial both acne and blackheads for smaller pores and tighter, fresher skin. $15

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