7 Sophisticatedly Macabre Halloween Decorating Ideas For Grownups

Elegant halloween decorating ideas for grownups who love Halloween too!

Halloween decorating ideas can make your space spooky, yet elegant, this Halloween.

As anyone who has participated in a Halloween pub crawl knows, Halloween isn’t just for kids. Adults like to celebrate Halloween too by having cocktails parties, decorating their homes, throwing bonfire get-togethers, and maybe even with a costumed pub crawl–or two.

One thing we have noticed though is that it is easy to find gory Halloween decorating ideas and ideas for kids, but it’s more difficult to find tasteful Halloween decorating ideas suitable for adults. You know those ideas that are just a little more sophisticated or design-orientated than your average cutesy or gory decorations? That’s why we have put together this list of Halloween decorating ideas for adults who like to celebrate the season, but whose taste runs towards the sophisticatedly macabre end of the spectrum.

Grownup Halloween Decorating Ideas For Space

  1. Black and White Mantle

If you have a mantlepiece, decorate it with a mixture of black and white Halloween tchotchkes. Some ideas include: white mini-pumpkins, painted black vase with white roses, white candles decorated with black lace or paper doilies, black paper garland and more. Your creativity is your only limit.

  1. Old Portraits

Source estate and thrift sales for 19th-century portraits and daguerreotypes and use them to add a spooky atmosphere to your home. Hang them from doorways, a chandelier, hang them in the window, and place them in black frames all over your home.

  1. Inspired by Poe

It doesn’t get more macabre than referencing the master himself–Edgar Allen Poe. Create silhouettes of Poe, “The Raven,” and “Annabel Lee” (the title of another famous poem by Poe). Other ideas include: writing the text of “The Raven” on a chalkboard, using pages from old books to make a front door wreath, and placing a fake raven in a birdcage.

  1. Spooky Wine Bottle Candles

Repurpose wine bottles by painting them with matte white paint and place red taper candles in them. Light them at your next Halloween party and the red wax running down the bottles with add some spooky ambiance.

  1. Faux Natural History Cloche Jars

One way to decorate for Halloween is with fake spiders and other creepy crawlies, but you can make the look a little more sophisticated by displaying them in glass cloche jars (apothecary bell jars).

  1. Macabre Dried Flower and Leaf Garland

Paint dried flowers and dried leaves with black spray paint. Once dry, make a macabre decoration by stringing them into a garland with needle and thread. Wrap the garland with red floral ribbon for a little spooky color.

  1. Gauzy Shredded Curtains

Source thrift stores for sheer white curtains. Using scissors and a box cutter (be careful though) to shred them to look like they are decaying. Place white electric candles on the windowsill, or hang white string lights from the curtain rod.

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