7 Strange Turn-Ons You Probably Have

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What’s the deal with your strange turn-ons? Relationship experts weigh in on the state of your libido.

If you want to encourage that boyfriend of yours to do his damn laundry already, a recent study of more than 2,000 Brits by entertainment brand Mecca revealed clean sheets as being one of our top turn-ons, beating out makeovers and hot baths. I’m not surprised – who’d want to have a nice bath and get all dolled up just to romp in skunky sheets?

Here are 7 more turn-ons that might seem strange on the surface, but underneath not really:

1.Deep eye contact. When men and women engage in a prolonged mutual gaze (a la Romeo and Juliet, minus the whole suicide thing), they experience intense feelings of attraction to that person. “Given that this effect can be observed between complete strangers, a deep longing gaze can lead to a rush of sexual attraction among couples,” says Carol Anne Austin, Sex Educator and Psychotherapist for Kimberly Moffit and Associates. Bow chicka wow wow!

2. Men’s hands. Even though there’s that running joke about turn-ons that refers to men’s feet/shoe size, that’s not what we we’re focused on at all. “There’s something about strong hands – even those that are calloused and weathered – that women are excited by in a way that delicate hands fail to deliver,” says relationship expert April Masini. Grrr, baby!

3. A clean-shaven face. A study published in Behavioral Ecology revealed that women find clean-shaven men more attractive than those with beards. The women who participated in the study were shown two sets of photos: The first contained photos of men with beards, the second the same men sans facial hair. They consistently found the clean-shaven men more appealing than the “Duck Dynasty”-esque variety.

4. Men’s voices. Deep voices, especially. “Guys who have a deep voice and lack of coordination with women have a better shot at getting a date by phone, rather than in person, by text or e-mail,” says Masini. “The phone actually amplifies his sexiness because it allows that unsure woman to focus only on his voice in a way she’s not able to otherwise.” So that’s why so many of us want to propose to James Earl Jones!

5. Your sig-o’s dirty laundry. Say wha? It’s true: “Research has found that women’s sexual attraction and arousal is enhanced by good body odors of their male partners, due to the pheromones that they release,” says Austin. “Our brains are hardwired to experience these scents as sexually appealing.” Oh joy. Like he needs another reason to blow off his laundry!

6. Your beau’s childhood home. As far as turn-ons go, I find this one uber-intriguing, and it makes perfect sense: Before you meet his parents, there’s this tension and uncertainty as you anticipate how the visit’s going to go. Will they like you, or will you end up sleeping in your car? “All that pent up energy has to go somewhere,” says Masini. “The joy that his parents have given you the thumbs-up creates a sexually charged and generous atmosphere for most women.” If he’s stalling to introduce you, send him on over to this factoid – is he dialing yet?

7.An intimate conversation. “When we’re feeling understood, respected and securely bonded to our partners, this is when we’re most likely to desire sexual intimacy with them,” says Austin. “In the words of Dr. Sue Johnson, ‘Emotional connection creates great sex.’” Men everywhere, take note.

Are there any strange turn-ons you’d add to this list?

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