7 Stunning Do-It-Yourself Flower Arranging Tips


Flower arranging may be an art form, but it’s one that is attainable by all of us. Sure, we may feel more comfortable leaving our wedding and other special occasions to the pros, but you should feel like everyday flower arranging is a skill you have in your wheelhouse.

If you aren’t quite comfortable with the notion of do-it-yourself flower arranging here are some tips to get you started. The key is to get in touch with your creative side, think about the effect you are looking to create and where you want to display your flowers. Arrangements for the mantle or table centerpiece will be very different from arrangements for the bathroom or a sunny windowsill. The most important thing to remember about flower arranging is to jump in and have fun. It’s not just about creating an end result, but also enjoying the process!

1. Use Wildflowers

DIY flower arranging.
Image: bernadettemacphersonmorris

The addition of Queen Anne’s Lace and Black-Eyed Susan flowers to this beautiful and simple  arrangement of Hydrangea blossoms is genius. Sometimes the prettiest flowers grow right in our backyards!

2. Create an Ombre Effect

DIY flower arranging.

Image: thedessinee

Pick a flower and choose a variety of shades of the same color family to create an ombre effect.

3. Volume

DIY flower arranging.

Image: InfoMofo

Keep it simple. Pick your favorite bloom and fill a container to the brim with it. Sometimes a simple statement can make the most impact.

4. Complementary Colors

DIY flower arranging.

Image: bobosh_t

Remember the color wheel? You know: primary, secondary, tertiary colors? Well complementary colors are those colors that are opposites on the color wheel, but that complement each other. Combinations like blue and yellow, red and green and purple and green can make striking arrangements like this pretty blue and orange example.

5. Texture

DIY flower arranging.

Image: torbakhopper

Use a variety of textures to create a visually stunning effect as in this gorgeously bold arrangement.

6.  Height

DIY flower arranging.

Image: David Blackwell

Use height to create drama as with this simple and stunning display that utilizes a tall slender vase to showcase tall beauties. The sleek and simple effect is the perfect showcase.

7. Vases

DIY flower arranging.

Image: Jinx!

Try a variety of vessels from everyday mason jars and coffee cans to vintage art deco vases and exotically-shaped blown glass vases.

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