7 Stunning Entryway Ideas for a Welcoming Home


While the kitchen may be the soul of the house, the entryway makes the first impression. Up your game with these easy entryway ideas.

Whether you want to add some more personality to your home or are looking to up the curb appeal, implementing entryway ideas can be a fantastic way to make some dramatic change to your home without a supersized budget. Entryway ideas from adding bold patterns and bright colors can be an a quick and easy investment in your home. Discover some other simple entryway ideas to update your space below.

7 Simple Entryway Ideas

  1. Decluttering is a Must – While the entryway is the place you use to come in and out of your home, it is crucial to keep it clutter-free as a possible to create a welcoming vibe. Don’t let your foyer be the place where everything accumulates– backpacks, shoes, jackets, umbrellas, the diaper bag, and what have you. If you don’t have a closet nearby in which to stow this stuff, consider adding a wardrobe to hide away your gear.
  2. Shoe Storage is A Must – We know you like to kick off your shoes as soon as you get home, but all those shoes can be unsightly just inside the door to you home. That’s where shoe storage fits in. Figure out what works for your household, but find a solution. We like a shoe wardrobe for an upscale home for shoes.
  3. Bright Color – Don’t be afraid to update your entryway with color. The entryway really sets the tone for your home, so why should it be boring? Consider a dark red, bright yellow, chartreuse, or aquamarine–whatever is right for your home.
  4. Bold Patterns – And by the same token, bold patterns can be where it’s at. Whether you want to wallpaper in a bold chevron, add a black and white checkerboard tile, or use a stencil to add pattern to the stair risers, adding pattern can make for a more dynamic entryway.
  5. Don’t Ignore the Foyer – One easy change to make to your foyer is not forget about it. Have you ever been to a home where the entryway was devoid of all decoration? It seemed cold and uninviting, right? Make sure to add some decoration to create a warm and welcoming place. Whether your taste runs to a family portrait wall or an elaborately painted mural, both will add visual interest and personality to your entryway.
  6. Do the Unexpected – Get creative with the space and do the unexpected. Instead of adding the ubiquitous entry bench, source old school lockers, a church pew, or some other unique piece to make a statement.
  7. Add a Display Table – In those upscale homes from the pages of the magazines, a commonplace entryway element is a display table. If you have a large foyer, consider adding a round table on which to display a vase of fresh flower or a featured collection.

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