7 Planet-Friendly Must-Haves for Super Awesome Guilt-Free Tailgating

7 Planet-Friendly Must-Haves for Super Awesome Tailgating (Go Team Earth!)

Do some eco-friendly tailgating in style this season.

Whether you are tailgating at college football games in the fall or at weekend soccer games for the kiddos, make sure your next tailgate is a success. Tailgating doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have the comforts of home (within reason) or that you can’t stick to your principles about being green.

Are you often envious of others’ setups? No worries, you just need to up your game a little with a few fun additions. Good tailgating is about planning ahead. Just like you wouldn’t expect your team to take the field without practice, you shouldn’t expect to have a killer tailgate without a little prep work. And a few gadgets make everything go more smoothly. We have a few suggestions to make your next tailgate a touchdown (or insert other sport metaphor here)!

Must-Have Tailgating Goodies

Tailgating must haves.

1. Solar Cooker/Grill

Be a grill master and the envy of your tailgate neighbors with a super cool solar cooker. Harness the power of the sun to power your next outdoor get together.

Tailgating must haves.2. Steel Growler

Instead of grabbing a six-pack, fill up your reusable steel growler. Not only is it a more environmentally-friendly option, but allows you to enjoy your favorite microbrew. We won’t tell if you cover this badboy with your team’s stickers, either.

Tailgating must haves.3.Tailgating Games

A tailgate isn’t complete without games like yard Jenga, yardzee, bottle ring toss, cornhole, and more.

Tailgating must haves.4. Crank Blender

Planning an adult beverage friendly tailgate? This cord- and battery-free blender is just what you need. With just a little elbow grease, you can make margaritas, pina coladas, or your slushie beverage of choice.

Tailgating must haves.5. Picnic Basket

A picnic basket full of reusable plates, cups, and utensils is the classy way to handle tailgating and making sure to keep it green.

Tailgating must haves.6. Air Lounger

Chillax with blow up air loungers for the ultimate in relaxation and portability and no pump is required! Get a couple for you and your tailgating guests.

Tailgating must haves.

7. Solar Charger

Keep your devices charged up with a handy solar charger. From cell phones to keep up with the game to bluetooth speakers for tunes, a solar charger can keep your day all charged up.

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