7 Ways to Take a Selfie that Doesn’t Suck

Taking a selfie

Love ’em or hate ’em, selfies are here to stay. Here’s how to take a selfie that doesn’t make your followers want to… well, vomit.

Whether you think selfies are a symptom of narcissism or a powerful form of self-expression, you have to admit – they’re becoming a total snore. I mean, how many extended arm shots can you stand of yourself, never mind other people?

Before you take a selfie in front of the mirror (for the 17,432nd time), check out these seven selfie masters – they’ll either shame you into never taking a selfie again, or inspire you to do great things with your camera:

Family portrait selfie

Image: imgur

1. The family portrait selfie

If you’re going to take a selfie of you and the fam, why not take the most hilarious selfies of all time? (Click on the photo credit above for the rest. You might have to change your pants afterward.) Too. Cute. For. Words.

2. The mirror selfie

I dare you to take a mirror selfie after checking out doodle master Helene Meldahl’s Instagram feed. Make that a double dare.

Space selfie

Image: Twitter

3. The humblebrag selfie

If you’re going to post a humblebrag selfie, then post one that’s so amazing nobody can hold it against you – I mean, the guy’s in SPACE.

WTF selfie

Image: Huffington Post

4. The WTF selfie

If you want people to ignore the fact that you’re taking selfies, then take selfies that leave them speechless. Like this dude.

Hilarious selfie

Image: reddit

5. The artsy fartsy selfie

Photoshop ain’t got nothing on this kid! If you’re going to take a selfie, you may as well go big or go home.

6. The cute couple selfie

This guy is on a date… with himself! A single Keisuke Jinushi was so fed up with being surrounded by couples taking cutesy selfies that he decided to make (a totally hilarious) statement.

Mark Wahlberg photobomb

Image: reddit

7. The celebrity photobomb

Okay, so this one you can’t really plan, but LOOK IT’S MARK WAHLBERG! Can we try to take a selfie like this anyway? Without getting arrested? Anyone?

What creative ways to take a selfie would you add to this list?

Image: Andrew Fysh

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