7 Wooden Cutting Boards that Make a Statement (and Get You Off of Plastic Cutting Boards)

Wooden cutting boards.

Add both function and form to the kitchen with these DIY and designer cutting boards–and say goodbye to boring old cutting boards (especially plastic ones!).

Whether you are looking for a gift or are looking to upgrade your old cutting surfaces, the marketplace is awash in choices that serve both convenience and aesthetics. And that’s not to mention all the great do-it-yourself ideas out there are as well.

Here are some of our favorite wooden cutting boards and cutting board projects for your kitchen.

Wooden cutting boards.

1. USA Cutting Board – Choose your home state or the whole USA from these handmade epicurean delights made from eco-friendly, renewable bamboo. Show your American spirit or your state pride–one of these would make a great gift as well.

2. Fallen Tree Slab – Turn a fallen tree into cutting boards with this DIY project from Martha Stewart. A chainsaw, safety goggles and a palm sander are required, but other than that the project itself is pretty simple, and what a wonderful way to bring nature into your home. If you have a tree fall on your property, you could even gift all your family and friends wonderful handmade cutting boards!

Wooden cutting boards.

3. Time To Cook – What fan of “Breaking Bad” wouldn’t love this Walter White inspired cutting board for their kitchen? It’s made from maple with the image  of our favorite “cook” burned into the surface. This cutting board isn’t just a showpiece either, but is meant to be used.

4. DIY Cutting Board – This DIY project uses leftover planks of wood to make a beautiful handmade cutting board. Choose to make larger cutting boards or smaller individual sized serving trays with your leftover wood.

Wooden cutting boards.

5. Hang it Up – This example is made from reclaimed oak boards from old wine barrels and the handles are made utilizing leather scraps. The added handle gives it a bit of versatility to the use and storage, and the reclaimed materials make it a more eco-friendly choice.

6. Chalkboard Serving Tray – Add chalkboard paint to an existing cutting board for a fun way to label the cheese at your next get together.

Wooden cutting boards.

7. Mini Cutting Boards – These rustic maple mini cutting boards are made to order from responsibly-sourced wood and are footed for stability and aesthetics. Use them to chop up onions, garlic or herbs or instead use them as individual serving platters. Gorgeous and sustainable!

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