The New Wallpaper: 8 Art and Eco-Inspired Wallpaper Designs

Designer wallpaper.

Artist-inspired and eco-friendly wallpaper designs are opening up a whole new world in home decor.

Wallpaper used to be synonymous with the words stuffy and fussy. I remember those days…we had colonial-themed wallpaper in the living room and in the kitchen. I am so glad it’s no longer 1985 and we have so many more wallpaper and wall covering choices that are not our parent’s wallpapers!

In fact, in the past decade or so, there’s been quite a resurgence in wallpaper and many artists and designers are creating their own lines of unique, elegant and gorgeous wallpaper designs from which to choose. And, there are also many more eco-friendly choices available too.

It’s actually important to note that wallpaper doesn’t actually have to be just for walls. It can also be used to decoupage furniture or used as artwork in and of itself–especially when it’s designed by an artist. Also, when many people think of wallpaper they think of that floor to ceiling wallpaper look. While that may be appropriate in some cases and for some spaces, sometimes less is more when wallpaper is used as a decorative accent or to highlight an architectural feature.

If you still aren’t convinced that wallpaper is worth all the work? These artist and designer wallpapers just might have you singing a different tune–and making your way to the hardware store for wallpapering supplies!

1. French Dot by Nama Rococo

French Dot Wallpaper

Image: Nama Rococo

Ooh la la! Très chic! This stunning, multicolored, variable and hand-painted wallpaper by artist Karen Combs is available in multiple sheets or single sheets. Perfect for creating a dramatic look.

2. Wallpaper Boudoir by Lisa Bengtsson

Artist created wallpaper.

Image: Lisa Bengtsson

While this flowery design might be reminiscent of wallpaper’s flowery past, it’s boldness is totally modern. It’s like a combination of pop art and rococo!

3. Triangles by Lisa Congdon

Triangles wallpaper

Image: Lisa Congdon

For something a little different, but no less gorgeous, how about Lisa Congdon’s Triangles wallpaper? It’s available in rolls and in removable tiles in several different colorways.

4. A View of the Woods by JUJU Papers

Illustrated wallpaper.

Image: JUJU Papers

A simple yet lovely wallpaper from artist Avery Thatcher. Each roll is hand painted in Portland, Oregon and is available in 4 different colors.

5. Morning in Manhattan from Famille Summerbelle

Artist created wallpaper.

Image: Famille Summerbelle

Available in Sky Blue or Hudson River, this non woven paper is designed by Julie Marabelle. This would be perfect for a home office or studio.

6. Little Owl & Crossbill by Edwyn Collins at The Collection

Owls wallpaper from Edwyn Collins.

Image: The Collection

Illustrated  by alternative singer-songwriter Edwyn Collins, who after suffering a stroke some years ago creates beautiful bird drawings every day. Produced by Ellie Pop and available in black & white and sepia.

7. Dinner Party by Jill Malek

inspired from coffee rings.

Image: Jill Malek

Inspired by coffee rings, this stunning repeat pattern pattern from Jill Malek is available in four color combinations, comes in rolls and is hand-printed in upstate New York.

8. Seascape by Abigail Edwards

Waves illustrated wallpaper.

Image: Alun Callender

Featuring a black & white line drawing of roiling and boiling waves, this paper is produced on 100 percent renewable-sourced Forest Stewardship Council certified paper. It’s printed in the UK and available in rolls.

Top Image: Marimekko paper at John Lewis

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