8 Emotional Stages that Strike When Your Favorite TV Shows are Cancelled

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When your favorite TV shows are cancelled, there are 8 emotional stages every fangirl goes through.

When love for our favorite TV shows turns into obsession, there’s nothing worse than finding out one of them has either been cancelled, or the producers have decided to mosey onto new projects. No matter the reason, to you it’s an injustice. I blubbered uncontrollably after the series finale of “Entourage” (what am I supposed to do without Turtle in my life?!), I’ll most def need therapy after “Sons of Anarchy”‘s final ride this December, and as for “The Shield “- there I go again, I’m all verklempt.

We experience the hole in our TV schedule much like we do a real-life breakup: Emotionally and irrationally (or that could just be me). Here are the 8 stages of fangirl grief we feel down to our very soul:

1. Anticipation

Even though you know it’s the last episode (like, ever), you go into watching the series finale like a boss. You decide you’re going to stay strong… even though in just 45 short minutes, your universe will be irreversibly shattered.

2. Joy / Rage

If the series finale ends how you’d always hoped it would, you’ll feel compelled to twirl in a meadow singing “The Hills Are Alive.”

If, however, the series finale leaves a lot to be desired or there are loose ends of any kind, you’ll find yourself turning green as your clothes tear off your body.

3. Devastation

The grieving process sets in, and you find yourself burrowing into a cavernous black hole of doom.

4. On the rebound

You IMDB every actor and actress on the show and check out the other TV shows they’ve been on, in hopes of feeling that spark again. Only…

5. Shame

How could you cheat on your show like that?! This is just like the time your favorite actor left the show and they replaced his character with his not-as-good-looking, much-less-charming cousin, and you swore you’d hate him out of loyalty – and then, you know, you started liking him. You just never learn, do you?

6. Reminiscing

Remember when Pacey and Joey finally got their shit together? And Ben brought Felicity the film canister? And Friday night dinners? Sigh. Those were the days.

7. Acceptance

You’ve decided to do what any self-respecting TV-widow would do: Forge ahead like the little fangirl that could. You start asking yourself all the philosophical questions: How do I fill the void? Where do I go from here? What’s for dessert?

8. Nostalgia

You remind yourself that you’ll always have reruns. I mean, who doesn’t love that jolt of the warm-and-fuzzies when your favorite theme song starts playing?

How do you deal when your favorite TV shows are cancelled?

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