9 Best Friends Every Woman Should Have In Her Corner

Friends on the beach

When I think about my best friends, I get a little misty (okay, a lot misty). They complete me. My best friends not only accept me for exactly who I am (which is a full-time job), they also rock at everything I suck at. If you were to mix us in a blender and pour, we’d be a superhero.

No matter how busy life gets, here are nine types of BFF’s you should always have in your corner:

1. The Health Nut
If it weren’t for her, you would’ve forgotten to exercise during the last decade. Whether it’s with a new recipe so you can finally use your pots and pans for cooking instead of roof leaks, or a jogging route with plenty of places to sit if you need to, she constantly motivates you to do better and feel better.

2. The Listener
There are days when you’re not looking for advice or a silver lining: You just have this urge to bitch your tuchus off. This friend will not only prevent your head from exploding, she’ll offer you safe passage through your emotional tornado.

3. The Flowy Friend
This is the friend I’m forever jealous of: The one who, no matter what’s going on in her life or what’s being thrown at her, she keeps her cool. She stays centered and grounded (while I’m flailing away as if twirling down the drain). Long story short: I’ll have everything she’s having.

4. The Romantic
You know the one: The friend who looks at the world like it’s a big box of puppies, and never allows conflict or cynicism to deter her from building strong, meaningful relationships. She’s the perfect friend to go to when you’re thinking about heading up a nunnery.

5. The Fashionista
She keeps track of all the latest trends so you don’t have to. Plus, when it’s time to paint the town red, she’ll always make sure you look as hot as humanly possible. From a budget standpoint, it’s like having two closets for the price of one!

6. The Mom
She’s totally lovable and always has your back. When you’re sick, she makes the best soup ever. She knows exactly why your cat keeps waking you up at 6am, and she’s always there (with tea!) when you’re stressed with a capital S.

7. The Blunt Betty
Sometimes, all we really need is a good swift kick. When you’re doing something stupid that you know is stupid (especially in the guy department) and lecturing yourself in the mirror isn’t cutting it, this is the friend you turn to. She’ll snap you out of it (and leave a mark).

8. The Yoda
When you’re in a jam and have no idea what to do or where to start, this friend always knows exactly what to say. She also grounds you and prevents you from panicking – kind of like having a little Buddha on your shoulder.

9. The Vault
We all need this friend: The one you turn to when you need to unload a deep, dark secret in a forgive-me-Father sort of way, while knowing she won’t look at you any differently (or write a press release afterward).

Of course, you don’t need nine separate women to cover these roles (holy estrogen, Batman!). If you’ve got best friends who pull double or triple duty, you might want to start sewing those superhero costumes.

What makes your best friends so fabulous?

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