9 (More!) Mason Jar Ideas that are Insanely Clever

Clever mason jar ideas.

Learn some more clever repurposing mason jar ideas.

Canning season is upon us and that means you are inspecting your mason jars for wear and tear and taking those jars out of your rotation. In addition, it’s common to have way more jars than needed as garden harvests tend to ebb and flow over the years. That means you always have a supply of extra mason jars and are on the lookout for mason jar ideas. If you aren’t a canner with a supply of your own jars, then this is the time of year where it is easy to find mason jars at yard sales and thrift stores.

Mason jars are seriously one of the world’s most useful and versatile inventions. In our home we use them for food preservation, both canning and freezing (as an alternative to plastics containing BPA), and as many other uses as I can dream up. They make great catch all containers, change jars, pencil and paintbrush cups, but there’s so many more mason jar ideas.

Of course, there are so many more clever and unique uses out there for mason jars than those mundane uses.

9 Insanely Clever Repurposing Mason Jar Ideas

  1. Adorable Love Birds Diorama – Make your own tweet sweet diorama with a mason jar, fabric scraps, faux grass and fake birds.
  2. Lavender Diffuser – Add dried lavender blossoms to a mason jar, top with a coffee filter and wrap with twine and place wherever you need a fresh scent.
  3. Spa in a Jar – Make up your own “Spa in a Jar” kits that make the perfect gifts for your friends.
  4. Mason Jar Floating Candles – Add a little farmhouse chic to your next special event with mason jar floating candles.
  5. Sewing Kit Mason Jar – Create a practical on the go sewing kit complete with a pin cushion lid.
  6. Mason Jar Terrarium – Make a terrarium with a mason jar and have an instant mini-biome in your home.
  7. Salad in a Jar – Easy peasy way to pack salad for lunch while keeping everything crisp and fresh.
  8. 5 Minute Mason Jar Lamp – 5 minute lamp? Need I say more?
  9. Vintage Matchbox Car Mason Jar Snowglobe – DIY your own super cute mason jar holiday ornaments.

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