9 Simple Things Happy Couples Always Do

9 Simple Things Happy Couples Always Do

Fact: Happy couples would totally make us vom if they weren’t so adorable.

As much as we want to throw up at the sight of a happy couple—especially when they do all of those cutesy things in front of us (you know, like get along), they help us forget every cynical thought we’ve ever had about relationships. Come on, admit it: You cringe on the outside, but you’ve got the warm-and-fuzzies on the inside.

Here, 9 things the Tatums of the world always do that will help you and your sig-o join their ranks:

1. They take care of themselves as much as they take care of each other

The only way to have a healthy relationship with someone else is to have a healthy relationship with yourself. Happy couples maintain their individuality as much as they maintain their coupledom, but more than that don’t project their own shortcomings onto each other. They better themselves and in turn better the relationship.

2. They re-negotiate on the regs

People’s needs change over time, leading happy couples to constantly re-evaluate and re-negotiate to make sure they don’t grow apart during rough patches—but more than that, make sure that one half of the couple isn’t making more sacrifices than the other.

3. They love each other “as is”

They love each other for who they are in the moment, not for who they “could be” in the future—or worse, what they want the other to be instead.

4. They call the shots in their relationship

Fights happen, conflict happens, and outsiders will (whether intentionally or not) get in the way of your relationship. Happy couples keep the most intimate parts of their relationship between the two of them—when drama strikes, they don’t get drunk and blab their problems to anyone who’ll listen or post abstract Facebook statuses about their feels. They hold a united front and face their problems head on. Together.

5. They don’t disrespect each other’s interests

You don’t mock his UFC obsession and he returns the favor when “The Bachelor” is on.

6. They go to bed at the same time

Not only does doing so promote intimacy, happy couples know the importance of keeping their bodies and minds in the same time zone.

7. They break routines

Yes, they’ve got their routine down to a science, but they also take the time to be unpredictable—whether it be surprising each other with concert tickets or introducing each other to new activities.

8. They put their phones away

Happy couples have real conversations that don’t involve emoticons and abbreviations. When they spend time together, they focus 100 percent of their attention on the other person.

9. They maintain intimacy

They know the whole obsessed-with-each-other honeymoon phase doesn’t last, but they also know that when it fades, it doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed. Happy couples maintain the small things: Hand holding, going out on dates, even reading together to keep the bond strong.

How do you and your sig-o keep your relationship thriving?

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