9 Stunning DIY Wall Art Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

Diy wall art ideas and projects.

Cover those bare walls with DIY wall art projects and transform your home without spending a fortune.

Are your walls still bare and you’ve been in your apartment going on three years? Or are your walls covered top to bottom with prints, posters, framed art and photos, but you are just looking for a change? Consider creating your own stunning DIY wall art from everyday objects and keep on budget. All you need is a little creativity, inspiration and a few hours on a Saturday afternoon.

From inspirational word art to repurposed wood wall art and living wall art to easy paper creations, here are some fantastically clever ideas to make your own DIY wall art pieces

9 DIY Wall Art Ideas

  1. Starburst Ombre Wall Art – Create a stunning ombre starburst with nothing more than different shades of wall paint and painters’ tape. Simple and elegant!
  2. DIY Leaf Art  – Everyone remembers making leaf paintings in elementary school, well here is a leaf DIY wall art project just for the grownups.
  3. Geometric Patchwork Paper Wall Art – Create a dramatic geometric wall art piece using nothing more than origami paper and foam board.
  4. Toilet Paper Tube Abstract Flower Wall Art – Even something as ubiquitous and uninspiring as toilet paper tubes can be turned into gorgeous DIY wall art.
  5. Log Slices Wall Art – Turn a Saturday morning chore–trimming trees–into a Saturday afternoon art project–DIY wall art.
  6. DIY Wood Shim Art – Use leftover wood shims or buy a package at the home improvement store for around $5 and make some colorful DIY wall art.
  7. Colorful Paper Wall Art – Use colorful paper scraps to make a cheap and easy, yet color-filled, wall art creation.
  8. Thrift Store Plate Wall Art – Use thrift store plates to a unique wall art display. Add a vinyl stencil if you so desire.
  9. Agate Slices Wall Art – This project is a stunning way to display gorgeous agate slices. If you aren’t already an agate collector, then Etsy is a great resources for purchasing agate slices.

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