9 Tasty Hot Drink Recipes That’ll Warm You from the Inside Out

Hot drinks to warm you up.

Try one of these tasty hot drink recipes to help you get warm on a cold winter’s day.

Sure, putting on a sweater can help keep the chill off, but partaking of hot drinks gets to the problem fast by helping you shake that chill from the inside out.

Whether you are looking for a quiet treat just for yourself, or a great idea to serve at your next social get together, try out these drink recipes. There’s a mix of adult beverages as well as ideas that are alcohol-free.

Hot Drink Recipes

  1. Vegan Hot Cocoa – Everyone loves hot chocolate, but what if you are vegan? Sub out the milk for almond or coconut milk and make sure to use vegan sugar too (regular sugar may be bleached or filtered with bone char).
  2. Irish Coffee – Traditional Irish Coffee is made with Irish whiskey, like Jameson, but you can make it a little more decadent by adding an Irish cream whiskey like Bailey’s.
  3. Mulled Apple Cider – Add spices like cinnamon, allspice, and cloves along with orange slices to cider and simmer on the stove until warm.
  4. Mint Tea with Honey – Add plenty of honey to Moroccan mint tea for a warm and sweet treat. It’s also very refreshing!
  5. Hot Toddy – Add honey, lemon, and either bourbon, rum, or brandy to Earl Grey Tea for a classic.
  6. Masala Chai Tea – One of my favorite hot drinks is Masala Chai Tea made from a blend of spices, black tea, and milk. Here is an easy recipe to make your own.
  7. Mulled Wine – Make some mulled wine for your next holiday get together for a real crowd-pleaser. Here’s a simple recipe that is perfect for the holidays.
  8. Minted Hot Chocolate Float – For a real treat, try this recipe for a mint hot chocolate that you can even top off with mint chocolate chip ice cream for a dessert treat!
  9. Hot Buttered Rum – It might sound weird, but Hot Buttered Rum is amazing! Made with brown sugar, spices, butter, and a dark or spiced rum, it’s a great hot drink to enjoy while curled up with a good book after a long cold day.

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