Le Crème de le Eco-Cookware Crop


I love the French. I love their attitude, style, women, wine, croissants and beaches. Now, I’m a big fan of their cookware.

Not that I cook, but I do know people who cook. And once in a while, when I’m lucky, they feed me. These are the friends who introduced me to the secret of French cookware.

Le Creuset is nothing new and I’m sure all the chefs out there are nodding their heads, “Yes, we know this already”. But did you know Le Creuset is about as eco-friendly as cookware comes?

Cast iron cookware is expensive but worth every penny for peace of mind and protection of the planet. It’s an energy-efficient material, absorbing and distributing heat evenly, allowing for low to medium cooking heat (and less energy used). Cast iron also retains heat, reducing the need for re-heating when it’s time for seconds. And we all love seconds.

And, of course, cast iron is famously heavy and durable. Coated in a high-quality, hygienic and impermeable enamel, Le Creuset products are safe and non-toxic. Use them to store or marinate food for extended periods of time in the fridge or freezer, without a worry.

Last, but certainly not least, no one can escape noticing Le Creuset’s stylish and bold colors. Flame is the most popular but I’m partial to the cobalt.

So go ahead, spend more now but rest assured you’ll save even more later. Order Le Creuset products online or find a store near you.