Stay on the Line


Call me wacky (sometimes) or old-fashioned (a little) or someone with too much time on her hands (I wish!), but I like doing my own laundry. There’s something satisfying about separating darks from whites and folding everything just the way I like it.

A big part of my laundering “formula” involves avoiding the dryer. I prefer to hang dry my delicates and premium cotton tees. By doing so, you will not only lower your utility bill and save precious energy, but you’ll lengthen the life of your clothes.

I purchased my first clothing line back in college and used these wood clothing pins to hang my goods across the dorm room. They did the job but broke easily and occasionally would catch on a pair of stockings or a delicate blouse – not a catastrophe in college, but I’d rather not take chances with my current wardrobe.

My solution to the clothespin dilemma of yesteryear? These durable, eco-friendly, colorful clips made from 100% recycled polypropylene that won’t stain or snag, ever. Constructed with an indestructible steel “m” spring, they’re strong and can be used for much more than laundry. Available in two sizes, they arrive in an earth-friendly hemp sack filled with a variety of pink, yellow and turquoise pins – 24 of the large and 36 of the smaller for $14.

Image: Real Green Goods