This Wall Flower Gets Attention


Or wall herbs, or wall tropical grasses, or even lettuce and onions! Whatever your gardening yearning, you can indulge no matter what kind of space you inhabit, creating a fabulous green statement for any home, apartment, office or building.

ELT Easy Green Living Wall systems are modular living wall panels for indoor or outdoor use, sold pre-planted or easily planted in place. The frames are made from fully recyclable high-density polyethelene, with a design that allows water to irrigate the plants (through an easy-drip system inside, soaker hose outside) without pulling the soil out.

Living walls improve air quality, aid in insulating buildings, and add humidity in dry heated air – and they add beauty and life. Install them yourself or use a certified installer, and you need never be garden-free again.

A single living wall stand kit with one panel on a solid cedar stand is $169.99; for more drama, use multiple panels. An extension kit is available that makes deeper soil and more plant choices possible.


Images: ELT Easy Green Living Wall