A Giveaway and a Steal of a Deal: So Long Teflon, Hello Cute


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Not quite on a Le Crueset budget but just so over combing the aisles of TJ Maxx for cheap cookware that inevitably flakes and burns? It’s time to break up with Teflon.

Make like Julia Child and get yourself a cast of (enameled iron) characters sure to make your culinary adventures more successful for years to come. Allow me to introduce a very chic – and 100% green – chef-worthy cooking set, complete with the cutest darn Dutch Oven I’ve ever seen. The whole set is affordably priced – especially if you’re looking for lifetime cookware you don’t have to replace every third crepe attempt – but what I love most is that juicy little apple Dutch Oven. That red is red.

Julie knew what she was talking about: nothing cooks, grills, bakes, braises, sweats and sears like enamel cast iron. And you know how wonderful it feels in hand: substantial, forever, legit. It’s not going anywhere no matter how many times you scrape, scrub or scratch it.

The apple, however, is: we’re giving one away this week to one of you lucky commenters, so tell us what dish you’d whip up, and you may just win.

Can’t wait? I have been loving this piece so much, and think you will too, so I asked our pals at VivaTerra to offer a special, serious discount just for you. We’re not talking some puny 5% off promotion, either. Nope, just cold, hard cash! This versatile oven goes for $129 but if you click to buy and use the promo code APPLE, you’ll get $25 off, instantly. You’ll notice the promotion on the site for the next week, and if you think it’s a cool deal, let us know!

As for me, you can find me spoon-deep in the garlicky buttered mashed potatoes, curried sweet potatoes, roasted rosemary stuffing, minted couscous salad, claypot ginger chicken, wait…where was I?

Leave a comment here to win. One comment per person, and this giveaway ends next week (Wednesday, August 25th, 2010) at midnight. Good luck!

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