A Good Reason to Buy Something Useless

useless 2

Of course, I never wasted my hard-earned cash on something I didn’t need*. But in case you ever have, now there’s a good reason…to go useless.

Useless, in this situation, is guilt-free: sustainable, charitable and fashionable. It’s got good written all over it.

The eco-friendly brand Useless sells stuff people need and use and gives 10% of profits to water and sanitation projects in developing countries. (Find out more about these projects on the Useless website). The company’s small list of products includes messenger & tote bags (image above), hats, tees (image below), hoodies, reusable water bottles and notebooks. All are useful. Everything is 100% sustainable.

useless 3

And fashionably cool, of course. But the emphasis is on making a difference and having a positive impact on the planet, because no one is exempt.

And with a name like Useless, I’m hoping more people actually take to heart the obvious play on words, and make more of an effort to…use less.

Shop for something Useless at their online store.

* okay, I’m lying.

via MaxGladwell