A Stunning Crystal-esque Chandelier Made From a Household Object


There’s something elegant, yet delightfully unexpected about this chandelier. Anyone care to take a guess? It’s made out of a wire frame and plastic hangers that have been recycled!

We have about a million of these hangers in our collective closets, so we think this concept is genius (clearly). It’s the brainchild of Luís Teixeira, a Portuguese designer who created 1961 ecodesign. The project creates drool-worthy design objects out of recycled materials like coat hangers, juice boxes, and vinyl records and displays them in exhibits around Portugal.

We love how the designer took something so simple (in this case, ugly plastic hangers) and re-imagined it as a stunning light fixture. It’s the juxtaposition of high design and low-brow materials that makes this is a chic, yet cheeky fixture.

The website doesn’t mention if Teixeira’s clever creations are for sale, but we think this could be a fun DIY project (just make sure there’s plenty of space between the plastic hangers and the light bulb). What else might we use old hangers for? Any suggestions?