A Guide to Healthier Halloween Treats


If you’re a parent, you know what’s coming: cavity-fest, a.k.a. Halloween. Sure, dressing up is fun, but how can you feel good handing out tooth-rotting candies to children, not to mention all that excess packaging?

We here at EcoSalon know it’s not easy keeping Halloween sugar at bay, but we’ve compiled a list of organic, fair trade and natural candies, so at least you’ll feel a little better about what you’re giving to all those little ghouls and goblins.

- College Farm’s Organic Chocolate Mints come individually wrapped in biodegradable corn starch packaging. A bag of 24 goes for $3.99.

- Bug Bites Organic Milk Chocolates. Individually wrapped, made by the Endangered Species chocolate company. A pack of 64, on sale now for $35.39.

- FruitaBu Organic Fruit Leathers. Nothing but fruit, no added sugar. Box of 30 fruit flats for $14.00.

- Yummy Earth’s organic lollipops. They use no chemical dyes and only 100% natural colors. A bag of 70 pops for $7.99.

- The Natural Candy Store has an organic candy mix of individually wrapped goodies in compostable cellophane. 1.5 pounds for $19.99.

- Organic Dark Chocolate Bites made by Equal Exchange. A pack of 46 wrapped candies for $12.00.

- Fair Trade Milk Chocolate gold coins. Perfect for the little pirates. A bag of 17 for $4.75

- Organic Chocolate Peanut Butter patties. A pack of 24 for $30.72.

- Organic Fruit Rocks. Individually wrapped, they even come in Goji Berry! All natural colors. $3.89 for a pack of 18.

- Natural Honey Sticks. Remember, don’t give honey to kids under 2 years old! You get 100 of these for $12.00.

Image: paul goyette