A Place for the Peskiest Plastics


And why is it that we can’t recycle plastic caps? Any of us who sort and separate our plastics know that we have to remove the little buggers and throw them away. It’s because caps are made from a different kind of plastic that cannot be easily recycled. Thanks to Aveda, there’s a place for these caps can go.

They’ve had a cap collecting program in place for months now and repurpose the caps into new packaging for their products. This is great considering most plastic caps end up in rivers and oceans; tiny colorful tidbits for animals to munch on and get very sick from.

So round up your caps and take them to any Aveda store, or just mail them in if that’s more convenient. (You’ll have to email them for an address on that).

Yet another triumph for the zero-waster in all of us!

Image: preciouskhyatt