A Routine Moment Finds Flavor

A Sunday morning in Malibu spent window-shopping and sipping coffee with a girlfriend is my idea of heaven. Whether it’s the latest designer denim or celebrity eye candy, we always have fun checking out the flavor of the week.

It was only a matter of time before toothpaste got its turn. No, I’m not talking about Mentadent or Rembrandt. Breath Palette is a daring, new type of toothpaste – fun and completely holistic.  Invented in Japan, it is all natural and comes in 32 amusingly diverse flavors. If you can’t imagine feeling fresh after brushing with “pumpkin pudding”, imagine this. All the flavors – even “espresso” – last only a few seconds, leaving you with a light, clean, menthol finish.

Sugar and alcohol-free, less abrasive and made without synthetic surface-active agents, Breath Palette is eco-friendly and nothing but good for you. Me? I couldn’t resist. At $4.49 each they aren’t cheap, but what a fun and safe way to take the mundane out of your daily routine.

Image: Breath Palette