A 'Touch' of Brazil


Brazil is, among many things, a country of artists, many now using their talents to send a message of environmental awareness told with imagination and beauty. We love TOUCH, a division of the Los Angeles-based Zoe Melo design group and a cooperative marketing effort showcasing the work of contemporary Brazilian artisans with a green mission, making objects that will enhance your space with an international sensibility.

I love the oversized, modern jewelry of Mana Bernardes, like this necklace made from recycled PET bottles, and the Kraft paper vases (above) dyed with natural pigments made by Domingos Totora. In the United States, these beautiful objects, recently exhibited in Paris (I found them through Deux Frontieres blog) are sold at Finch in Austin, Grasshopper 510 in Chicago, and other select retailers, with more coming soon.