Altared Spaces


Your life is full to the brim: with work, personal care, home repair, family time and a social life, there isn’t a lot of quiet time left. That’s why it’s so important to create a quiet space in your own home.

I’ve created a sacred space for myself by making an altar. Now, this doesn’t have to be full of religious icons or crystals or conjure up memories of the 60s; an altar is simply a space where you place a few cherished items of personal importance. It might contain books that you find inspiring, a vase of beautiful flowers, pictures of your beloved family members, cherished trinkets, art, or pine cones and other natural items you’ve picked up on your outdoor jaunts. The idea is that the space is yours.

Creating an altar makes a focal point for rest and relaxation in your home. My personal rule is no working near the altar. I never take my laptop there, but I do curl up and read a good book. I also sit and meditate if needed, and I find that having a clean and focused space just for relaxation is essential to quieting my body and my mind. You can make an outdoor altar for those misty mornings and starry evenings, too.

Image: decor8