Amazon Introduces Frustration Free Packaging


Here’s some great news for Amazon fans, especially those planning on doing some of their Christmas shopping online. Amazon now offers “Frustration-Free Packaging” which consists of streamlined packaging using recyclable cardboard.

Imagine, no more struggling to a get a gadget out from its packaging. No more plastic cuts (the dreaded cousin of the paper cut). And not only will it be easier to release the product from it’s packaging, the packaging itself is more environmentally friendly. Sounds like a win-win decision to me.

While Amazon’s CEO does hope to eventually offer Frustration-Free Packaging for all its products, they are currently focusing on 19 bestselling products from leading manufacturers such as Fisher-Price, Mattel, Microsoft and Transcend that have been traditionally enclosed in the notorious clamshells (hard plastic cases). Learn more at Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging.

Image: germes online