An Ode to Winter Socks  

an ode to socks

Winter socks matter. A lot.

It’s almost officially winter. What feels the cold sting of the season in the morning more than our delicate little toes?

We need socks. Winter socks. Slipping them on over icy feet can transform a moment.

Curled up on the couch under a blanket with a warm cup of cocoa is such a delightful winter experience. But only if your feet are toasty warm in a pair of winter socks. They’re like foot hugs from Santa or your Grandma or Ryan Gosling (that one’s a total guess).

The right pair of winter socks makes boots and shoes feel less like rubber-soled ice packs and more like…cozy heat insulators.

Sure, you can wear any old socks in winter, but it’s not the same. Those short little ankle socks are better than nothing. But they won’t give you that same feeling as knee-high, fuzzy and fab winter socks.

Slip on a pair of warm, winter socks first thing in the morning and see if your mood isn’t elevated. Keep a pair at your desk to slip over stockings. Double up and wear two pairs of socks just because you can.

Looking for the perfect pair of winter socks? Try these:

Cozy up in PACT’s organic cotton Confetti Stripe socks. Just looking at them makes me wish it would snow in Los Angeles.

These patchwork socks, also from PACT, are organic and scream “toasty toes!” Why can’t every winter day be a cold, snowy Sunday afternoon?

Cable-knit organic crew socks are like the boyfriend jeans for toes. Comfy, cozy and make you feel like he’s around even when he’s gone skiing for the weekend.

Lorenzo Uomo’s organic striped socks are so adorable they’ll make you wish wearing socks as shoes was socially acceptable.

Ted Baker’s color block socks are on trend and made with organic cotton.

Keep your toes warm and give your knees a little love with these over-the-knee socks from PACT, made with organic cotton.

You can check out all of the cozy socks here too:


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