Angelika Dreams Organic

A.D.O. clothing is all about feminine essentials for spring infused by the works of Monet.

A.D.O.’s Spring Awakening collection is inspired by “fluid and essential silhouettes that capture the core elements of timeless beauty.” Inspired by Monet’s Yellow Nirvana, designer Angelika Krishna infused her own spring line with impressionistic pastel hues derived from turmeric, sandalwood, pomegranate and Indian basil. 100% Organic knits and cottons are then treated to Ayurvedic ingredients to make buttery yellows, summer blues and hues derived naturally, from nature. The end product is a non-toxic, sustainable soiree of comfortable, breathable separates for spring and summer.

Not a stranger to high fashion, Krishna has worked for design houses that include Ralph Lauren and Issey Miyake and she continues to work with and dress celebrities and boutique shoppers worldwide.

Krishna says when she first started A.D.O., the intention was to create a denim line, but after seeing denim workers in factories covered in toxic dyes and in dangerous health conditions, it “broke her heart” enough to bypass the idea. Instead of chemically infused jeans, Krishna started designing non-toxic t-shirts, wraps and now a ready-to-wear line.

“My line is definitely evolving but my ongoing passion is draping. My ultimate dream is to work more with chiffon and silks so right now I’m investigating how to get them organic for future collections,” says Krishna, who says she leans toward a Stella McCartney vibe.

With fabrics sourced from small, hand loom workshops, Krishna is able to capture that vibe in a holistic environment that is amiable for her workers and their families.

With increasing amounts of information being dispensed about the hidden chemicals embedded in most clothing, A.D.O. has become a healthy beacon in a toxic storm. The 5000 year old Indian tradition of Ayurvedic herbal dyeing she employs spares the planet of countless harmful contaminants not to mention her closed loop dyeing process where the brand’s dye waste actually becomes garden compost.

“I approach the chemical free dyeing as an added benefit to the line,” she says, “No matter what you wear, the chemicals will seep into your pores and when you’re talking about something dyed with pomegranate which has healing properties, it makes sense to make better choices.”

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Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.